Knitting Fails Sometimes and We Have To Frog It

When Knitting Fails we just have to frog it
It’s happened to the best of us. Our knitting fails us. There can be any number of reasons this happens. For me, I’ve experienced knitting fails in a few different ways.

Just a few of my Knitting Fails!

  • I washed a non-superwash yarn project. Two different projects. They both became felted cat toys. I don’t want to talk about it!
  • Gauge will get you every time. One of my first projects I didn’t check gauge because it was a scarf. It didn’t need to “fit”. Well, my scarf became a serious choking hazard at almost 12-feet long! I wore it to the airport and I was scared it would get stuck in any number of the escalators.
  • Ever try to create a project using a different color than your usual go-to color? My favorite color for clothing is gray-black. Once, I decided to be adventurous. I chose a bright AKA “not me” color of yarn for a project. Me in bright aqua? No…just no!
  • I chose the wrong fiber for a project. Did you know cotton stretches? This could make a garment 375,291 times bigger than you need it.
  • The time I tried to knit socks for my son. His feet grew and he couldn’t fit them by the time I was done.
  • Anybody else try to knit with beautiful skeined up variegated yarn and it just looks bad. But you keep trying to convince yourself it’s not really that bad so you keep knitting. Then you convince yourself you’ve spent too much time knitting to give up. Yeah, that’s a knitting fail.
  • How about the sweater I made of scratchy yarn. I thought I’d just wear a shirt under it but then it was still scratchy on my neck. So unbeknownst to me I walked around with red splotches on my neck. All day. Thinking I was looking so awesome in my scratchy sweater!

The point – We all have failed

I hope that we all experience a knitting fail a time or two. Well, I don’t hope you do but I hope it’s happened to other people and I’m not the only one. But, the wonderful thing about knitting – you can frog it and make something else completely new. Except for when you felt something. If you felt it then it’s just done. But then you pretend you purposely made a small hat-shaped cat toy. Did I mention I did this twice?

Frog it!

I say frog it or get rid of it. Just don’t keep holding on to the bad memories. I mean, you could also write a blog post about it. But mostly you should just find a way to turn that knitting fail into some sort of lesson. Or a cat toy.

What’s one of your memorable knitting fails? Did you frog it or did it meet some other unfortunate end?


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