Embracing uncertainty

When you choose to embrace uncertainty at ThisCreativeIdea.com
I crave knowledge.
I constantly want to learn new things.

I want to strum a guitar and make a beautiful sound.
I want to pick up a needle and stitch fabrics together.
I want to take a skein of yarn and turn it into something wonderful to wear.

I may not be good at any of these things.
I may get frustrated when my attempts don’t turn out as I hope they will.
But this doesn’t mean I stop trying.
This doesn’t mean I quit.

Instead I try again and perhaps I’ll get better.
Perhaps I will only become proficient – but proficient is better than not knowing at all.

So this year I am going to be patient with myself as I attempt to learn some new things and work on ways to explore my creativity.

To a year of proficiency and uncertainty…

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