Easy DIY Halloween Trash Bag Decorations

Today’s 5 for Friday is going to help get you in the mood for Halloween. These are low-cost, quick DIY Halloween decorations. The main supply for all of these decorations is a black plastic trash bag. You can easily make these Halloween decorations in just a few minutes.

5 Halloween Trash Bag Decorations

5 Halloween Trash Bag Decorations

1. Halloween Trash Bag Wreath
Add googly eyes or spiderweb to add some extra spookiness to this decoration.

2. Halloween Spiderweb Decoration
Just trash bag, scissors, and tape. Easy!

3. Trash Bag Curtain
You could cut long strips to make a door garland or add a few more bags to make a thicker Halloween Door Garland.

4. The Not-So-Itsy Halloween Spider Decoration
This also doubles as a way to clean up all those fallen leaves in your yard…or your neighbor’s yard. You could also use crumpled up newspaper to fill the bags.

5. Cover a Spooky Door
This article uses black fake fur to cover the door. But you could get a similar, though not as creepy,  result by using black plastic yard bag.

Extra Halloween Freebies

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