Day Designer Planner by Whitney English Pros and Cons to Consider Before Buying

Working from home, I have so much that I need to get done throughout the day. Since my work is all done online, it is easy for me to get distracted. I need a way to stay accountable and keep track of how I am spending my time. So I was happy to find the Day Designer Planner by Whitney English. I’m still in the phase of considering whether to purchase it. Here is my thinking process on that.
Day Designer Pros and Cons to Consider Before Buying | This Creative Idea

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Main Reasons The Day Designer Planner Appeals To Me

  • Size
    The Day Designer Flagship Edition size is 9″ x 9.75″ with page size of 7.3″ x 9.5″. I like the size for writing all of my tasks without feeling too cramped.
  • Daily
    Many of the planners I’ve found are weekly. I specifically want a daily planner.
  • Coil Binding
    I want a daily planner with coil binding so I can open the planner and it will stay open. Bound books have a tendency to close and you can’t fold them back on themselves without creasing the cover. So coil binding is the solution to take up less desk space.
  • Sturdy Cover
    The Day Designer Flagship Planner has a heavyweight cover.

Day Designer Planner

Other Pros of the Day Designer Planner

  • Professional Look
    The cover and pages have a professional look to them. I’ve used planners in the past that were brightly colored and that just isn’t my style for my daily planner.
  • Monday Start Date
    This is how my brain works. The school week starts on Monday and this is also when my work week starts. Plus, we often have activities that span both days of the weekend and it is always odd to separate them on a calendar.
  • Goal Setting
    I love setting goals and always appreciate pages dedicated to figuring out my goals.
  • Top Three Things on Daily Pages
    This section will help me focus on the specific top things I need to accomplish for the day.

Possible Cons

  • Paper Quality
    This is listed as 90gsm. According to a paper website, that converts to 24# paper. I have read reviews where the paper seems thin compared to “other planners.” However, I have some 24# printer paper at home and I think this will work for me.
  • Weight
    At 2 pounds, this planner probably isn’t something I want to carry around with me everywhere. However, I am purchasing it with the plan to keep it at my desk when I’m working. So I don’t consider this a big con for the purpose.
  • No bookmark
    A bookmark would be convenient. However, since I am planning to have it open on my desk, I don’t think it is that big of an issue.
  • Combined weekend pages
    I’m not sure how I’ll feel about this. I work on weekends. However, since the family is home I don’t do as much work. Therefore, I don’t think I need as much space, right?
  • Price
    Honestly, this is the only thing holding me back right now. The planner costs $59.00 + $14.50 (shipping) to my location. The shipping is at least $3.00 more than what the actual shipping cost is. I’m assuming part of the cost covers the shipping supplies. I’ve seen in reviews that they are shipped really well in nice boxes.What gets me with the price is whether or not I’m committed to paying that amount for another planner. Will I commit to this planner? Currently, I have different planners sitting and I’m torn with whether or not I will get the full use of this.On the other hand, if I spend the money will I feel more committed to the planner than if I just spent $10 on a regular notebook?

Day Designer Planner

Testing Out the Day Designer Planner

I have decided to give myself a testing period. Day Designer has free downloads of various pages. Some of the pages are only available for a limited time. But you can access them by clicking on Printables from the top menu bar. I’m going to try out these pages and if I find them useful then I will definitely purchase the Day Designer Flagship planner for 2017.

Read all about the Day Designer Planner Pages I try and how they work for me in my next article!

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