10 More Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following!

Back in December 2016, I wrote an article recommending some new-ish Bullet Journal Instagram accounts. Instagram is an AMAZING source for bullet journal inspiration. Inspired by that post years ago, here are 10 more bullet journal Instagram accounts you should be following (but probably aren’t).These accounts all have less than 1,500 followers as of the posting of this article and are listed in no particular order..

#1. my.floral.journal

Great minimalist bullet journaling with wonderful illustrations!

#2. HappilyLettered

Happily Lettered has different weekly spreads on her account. She uses mostly a black pen and some color to highlight her pages. Really inspirational!

#3. NewDoodle

Lori’s bio says “trying my hand at doodling”. She definitely has doodling figured out!

#4. Claudis.bujo

I really like Claudia’s future log and the big 2019 header to fill the top of the page!

#5. Dorinda_and_bujo

This beautiful weekly spread makes my creative heart sing.

#6. AvaGuavaStudies

Level 10 Life by Ava. Colorful and inspirational, right?!

#7. HotMessBujo

Seriously. This talent is ah-may-zing!

#8. StudyBeanThings

Weekly spread with fun lettering. Love it!

#9. BulletJournalElly

So much to like about this weekly spread. The photos really add to the layout!

#10. ThisCreativeIdea

Yes. I’m coming back to Instagram in 2019

Do you have an account to share?

If you have an Instagram account or you know of when that I should share, comment below and I’ll look to add it on my next roundup.

10 instagram bullet journal accounts to inspire you.

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