Best Tool to Keep Your Family Organized

We are a family of four. My husband works an alternating shift-work schedule. Our kids have always attended different schools and both been involved with a variety of activities such as sports, band, drama, clubs. etc. So we have always had busy schedules. My best tool to keep your family organized is to have one family wall calendar.

#1 Tip to keep a busy family organized
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One Large Family Calendar

A calendar at least 12″ x 12″ is a good size. Something that can easily be read from a few steps away. I like the daily boxes to be large enough to hold all our activities even on busy days.
I used this At A Glance calendar for years. I would assign one line to one purpose throughout the calendar.
For example:

  1. Dad’s schedule
  2. Mom’s schedule
  3. Kids School Days off or half days
  4. Son before-school activity
  5. Son after-school activity
  6. Daughter before-school activity
  7. Daughter after-school activity
  8. Evening Activity

Keep it in the same place

Find one spot in the home that is easily visible to everybody in the home. Our calendar is right next to our door that goes from the kitchen to the garage. We leave through this door every day.

Keep a pen nearby

I tie a pen to a piece of string and hang it from the coil. So there is always a pen available when you need it.

Make it a Habit for Everyone

When your kids tell you they have something to do on a specific day, tell them to write it on the calendar.

If your family asks, “Do we have plans for next Sunday?” tell them to go check the calendar.

Your reminders will help ensure that writing on the calendar and referring back to it becomes a habit for everybody in the family.

Our family knows, “If it isn’t on the calendar, it isn’t happening.”

This Blue Sky Calendar is also nice because it is more decorated than the At-A-Glance calendar. This doesn’t have lines but the daily boxes are large enough you can easily keep things organized for your family.

Best Tool to Keep a Busy Family Organized

What’s your #1 Tip to keep your family organized?

What has been the best way for you to keep your family organized? These calendars have been a sanity saver for us. We all know to look at the family calendar and that’s the first thing I grab when we get any new schedules or appointments.

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