A Look Back at 2017

2017 Was the Year Without Fiber or Fabric

Taking a look back at my crafty endeavors in 2017 will be quick and easy.
Because there really weren’t any.
I didn’t work on fabric projects.
I frogged more projects than I created.

But honestly, I don’t feel bad about it.

I Needed A Break

A few years ago I left my retail job.
It was a job where I worked with fabric and fiber daily.

It was wonderful, inspiring and an experience I will never forget.
But some days it was overwhelming.
Even when I wasn’t at work, I was thinking about work.
Thinking about what I had to do the next day.
And the day after that.

My job that I absolutely loved – started to consume so much of my life.

After all of that – I needed a break.

I needed to stop seeing it as “work”.
I needed the chance to step away from all the fibery goodness.
And have the chance to miss it.
And then fall in love with it all over again.
And get inspired to create.

I Didn’t Do it on Purpose

I didn’t have a “plan” to stop creating.
It wasn’t thought out in advance.

I told myself – I’ll pick up the needles when I want to.
I won’t feel pressure to knit or crochet.

But when I was ready, I would know.

Then Life Happened

Hospital visits.
Doctors appointments.
Last-minute travels.
Change in work.

You know, the regular life things that happen.
But still, I didn’t pick up any projects.
I didn’t feel that urge to create.

I Did Other Things Instead

I started reading again.
Reading non-fiction and fiction.

I made plans to cook more or find new recipes.
Made a couple good meals and then a bad meal.
And I realized that was enough time in the kitchen for me.

I started to journal.
This lead to writing.
And drawing.

So creativity wasn’t at a complete zero.
It just wasn’t focused on fiber and fabric.

Hello, December

Something happened in December.
It started with a random day when I typed “rav” into my search bar…
and it autocorrected to Ravelry.com

And that was all it took.

As I looked at the pages of beautiful patterns on the Ravelry website, I was inspired.

I started to plan for future knitting projects.

Then I clicked on my stash page.
And I had moments of “oohing and aahing” over the beautiful yarns that are in my stash.

Yarn that I have available to me right now!

That’s when I knew it was back.
My desire to create with fiber and fabric.

Last Minute Knitting Projects

I did get a few projects completed in 2017.

I knit a hat.
The hat was knit up in an afternoon!

Quick Knit hat with cables

Quick Knit hat with cables

I knit a pair of socks.
In a week.

Hand Knit Canach Socks

Knit Canach Socks

The Year is Ending with Creative Inspiration!

I feel like I’m on a roll with my creativity and crafting.
I am setting some goals for 2018.

I’m reaching out to others to inspire me.
And I’m figuring out what I really want to create and craft.

What About Your Creativity in 2017?

What was your creativity like in 2017?
How do you feel about it?

I hope that we are all excited to start 2018.
Excited to create – or take a break.
Whatever it is we need – I hope we embrace it in 2018!

Get inspired!

p.s. Tomorrow I’m coming back with my 2018 creative goals. I hope you’ll share your goals, too!

A review of my creative journey in 2017

Taking a look back at my creativity in 2017.

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