5 Ways to Find Time for Crafts

5 ways to find more time for your crafts at ThisCreativeIdea.com
How in the world can I find time in my busy schedule to craft? It is a common question we ask ourselves. We all love spending time on our crafts but we also have families, jobs, classes, chores, volunteer work, etc. How is it possible to find time in the day for all of it?

Like everything else we have to fit into our day, it is just a matter of priorities. If you make creating a priority, then you will find the time to do it.

Personally, I find that even a few minutes set aside for something creative really helps put me in a good mood and helps inspire me to do something more. So it is a priority for me to find some time in my day to work on a craft or hobby. Here are 5 ways that have helped me so I can spend a little time each day doing something creative.

5 Ways to Find Time for Crafts

1. Schedule creative fun into your day

Don’t just wait to find the extra time. (Is there such a thing as extra time?) Instead, just schedule it into your day. Maybe 10 minutes before bed. Or you wake up a little earlier and sit down before the morning craziness starts. Perhaps you can sit down after dinner’s done and the kids are cleaning up the kitchen. Actually schedule it into your down. Write it down or block off the time on whatever time management system you use so you have to respect that time.

2. Know what project you’re going to work on

If you know what project you are going to work on then you won’t spend your few minutes searching for ideas in a magazine or online. Just put aside the emails and notifications and get busy cutting out fabric or knitting on your project. Don’t get drawn into other things by “looking for inspiration.”

My biggest problem is when I tell myself I’m just going to check a website for ideas and I end up checking the news and I get from one crazy news story to another. Next thing you know, I’ve run out of time and all I did was read 10 articles which might have been interesting but didn’t feed my desire to create.

3. Make it easy to access

I don’t mean you have to leave your sewing table out on the dining room table every day. I mean, have it all together so you can easily grab it and start working. Don’t waste too much time gathering supplies from here and there.

I keep a basket near our sofa with yarn, crochet hook and pattern for one project. I also have a basket in my office with my journal and some supplies like stickers, pens, glue, diecuts, etc. so I can just grab that and go sit down and journal a page or two. I like to keep my projects contained in one bag or box so I can easily grab it and go.

4. Multitask

Usually, I am not a fan of multitasking. I prefer to put all my attention into one activity at a time. But, this is a good option for some tasks we have. For example, when you are sitting in the carpool line to pick up the kids you can be working on a small crochet project. Maybe while the kids are taking a bath you can bring your art supplies into the bathroom to keep an eye on them and work on your journal. Perhaps when your family sits down to watch a TV show you can bring along some handsewing to work on during commercials.

I would advise to always be safe. So I don’t think I’d recommend knitting while you’re standing by a hot stove cooking dinner. I would also suggest being mindful of your surroundings. I wouldn’t be running my loud sewing machine at the table while the kids are trying to get homework done. But that’s all common sense stuff.

I keep a knitting bag with a pair of socks on the needle in my purse. I spend a lot of time waiting for my daughter to get done with practice. So I sit in my car and knit away. (It’s usually just the foot or the leg of the sock because I still need to work on the heels and toes when I’m actually at home and can pay attention.)

5. Keep inspiration visible

Keep a few swatches of that new quilt fabric out in your living room. Post a photo of your newest knitting project on the refrigerator door. Or make the photo your phone screensaver so when you go to play a game on your phone you see the photo. Remember how inspired you were when you started the project? Or when you first saw the pattern? Then we stifle our excitement by shoving it away in a box or bag somewhere. Instead, keep a photo of what inspired you in a place you spend a lot of time.

Imagine your day when you make creating a priority! I picture it looking something like running through a flower field with unicorns and rainbows. But it might just be 10 minutes of your day when you slow down and allow yourself to breathe. (I think some people call it meditating)

Let me know if you try any of these and how it made you feel after doing so?


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