10 Bullet Journal Lists for Crafters

bullet journal lists for crafters

Bullet journals are a great way to stay organized. I prefer to write with pen and paper versus keep everything online. It is easier and more natural for me to reach for a pen and notebook than open an app on my phone and type out a note.

As a crafter, I have found that my bullet journal is a great way to stay organized.

Lists for Crafters to Keep Track of

  1. Stash – This could be your stash of materials such as yarn, fabric, thread colors, markers or paint colors. These are items you use up and then have to purchase more of.  If I had this list sooner, it would have saved me from 5 different skeins of different teal worsted-weight yarns. For knitters and crocheters, Ravelry is a great online resource for keeping track of your stash (and it is all FREE).
  2. Tools – Don’t spend money buying multiple of the same tools. These are different from Stash because tools are used repeatedly. Keep track of what size needles or templates you own. Again, this particular list would have saved me from owning 10 sets of US 6 32″ circular needles.
  3. Current Projects – Did you realize you have 10 scarves currently in progress? Or 7 different hexagon projects? I love having multiple projects in progress. However, I dislike when I start a project, forget about it only to find it later when I’ve forgotten what I was doing or where I was. This list could also be expanded with individual project pages where you keep track of specific project notes.
  4. Future Projects – I have a tendency to buy supplies and forget what project I was going to use it for. So keep track of future projects you want to create or expand this and also list what supplies you need and notes when you purchase the supplies.
  5. Online Resources – Favorite websites, blogs, Instagram accounts, Etsy sellers, etc. Yes, you could just bookmark them. But we like pen and paper, right?
  6. Online Orders – Great way to remember what you have ordered and where you ordered it from. This is also helpful if you later need to reorder or if you want to share your source with a friend.
  7. Crafting Events – Keep track of in-person events you want to attend or online events. There are multiple challenges, different -alongs such as knitalongs, quiltalongs, sewalongs, etc. Keep track of them so you don’t miss an opportunity to meet other like-minded people!
  8. Skills – List the current skills you know such as different stitches or techniques. Expand on this by noting the steps to complete this or sketch out what this looks like. Include techniques you want to learn. For knitting, I want to learn brioche and different sock construction techniques. For embroidery, I only know a few basic stitches so I have a list of what I know (and assume I need to learn EVERYTHING else!)
  9. Frequently Used Measurements – Measurements for your favorite people you create for. Or maybe your favorite sizes of blankets to make or bed sizes for different people.
  10. Inspirational Notes – What has inspired you lately? Are there color combinations or design styles you want to try?

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Bullet Journal Products Used

Here is a list of what I use for my bullet journal photoed above:
– Planner : Midori Traveler’s Notebook
– Page : Midori Refill 002 Grid
– Pen : TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen
– Ink : Diamine Imperial Purple

Do you have other lists you keep track of in your bullet journal? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!

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  • Gabbie Jan 22, 2019 @ 13:48

    Having a Stash column is rocking my world right now! I was struggling with how to explain that a craft item to purchase has more than one use! To chart the specific project, with another column to show it’s other potential REALLY helps! I love the word Stash, thank you!

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